About me


I’m a Software Engineer with 13 years of practical experience. I know quite a lot about backends of big systems.

I was on positions of a regular developer, senior developer, team lead, and even manager for teams of developers. I develop myself and in teams, complex backends for companies in telecommunications, entertainment, health, and advertisement. I know how to SCRUM and KANBAN, my main languages are Elixir, NodeJS, and Ruby.

Born and got a Masters of Computer Science degree in Russia, but now have a legal right to work and live in Estonia.

I’m not looking for full-time projects, but willing to help you with a small new project if you need a rapid start and solid base to continue. For example, when you need a small application integrated with Google Calendar API which you are going to use in your company.

I personally believe that there should be more women-developers. I’m one of the organizers of the Tallinn Django Girls local group. 

My passion is to write clean, readable and maintainable code. My tech hero is Sandi Metz (and my favourite book is her “POODR”).

If you have any kind of question please write me here: me@kiote.io

You also could stay in touch with me via github: https://github.com/kiote/ or linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiote

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