Can robots have the same rights as humans?

My favorite writer Isaac Asimov was thinking about this question a long time ago and even created the three laws of robotics. At that time it was mostly science fiction, but now we face these issues in real life.

One part of my job is to support an admin interface for They have real human-moderators there, but recently we’ve had the task of adding auto-moderation for some special kinds of reviews.

As we log much of the moderators’ work, we face a question: how do we log the work of auto-moderator (robot)?

Should we pretend it is just another moderator and gave it the same rights? Or, should we make this auto-moderation procedure something completely different, being logged in a different place (i.e. different database fields, so we have humans in one field and robots in another)?

I wonder how other companies who have faced the same questions have solved this problem. Did they give more rights to robots?