Why do you need a bot

In recent days, bots (Twitter bots, Telegram bots, etc) have become more popular than ever. Why is that? After all, a bot is just a CLI (command line interface) between some system and user.

That what I was thinking before I read a book titled The Inmates Are Running the Asylum. It says that users love simple interfaces and they hate to learn any new interface. So in that case, what might be simpler than to use the interface that is already familiar to the user?

So once the user (read: typical user, not a nerd or geek) gets used to this chat-system—Slack is a good example—(s)he can use any of your new creations. Compare this to web or mobile applications. Almost every time (despite some products from the same company—a rare case!) users have to learn new habits.

But unlike the real CLI (that one that uses the command line), bot users don’t feel that pain of communicating with it. The tool is already familiar.

So I believe that in the near future, every service will operate with some kind of bot. Thus, start practicing writing bots today! Follow my previous article: https://kiote.io/2016/02/05/simplest-slack-bot-of-yours/


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