Google Trends API + Golang

Google trends is a really nice stuff, when you try to compare what is more popular: cola or pepsi, whiskey or soda?

So I wondered, is it have any API. With a bit of googling I found they have some kind of.. unofficial though. With special formed query anybody can obtain javascript-ready string with whole data: example.

Not so friendly as before, huh? But it’s still something.

With zero knowledge of golang, and with only help of online documentation to this great language (so I pretty sure you can do better!), I’ve created this command-line tool.

You can run it with two paramethers and have the “rating” of first and second as an answer.

That was pretty much just go-practice.

Month With No Social Networks

What is Itching

Recently I’ve noticed I spend too much time in social networks, doing nothing, just browsing. Reading “news” and reposts of funny videos from the people I used to know.

I can’t feel I can retreive any useful info there. Just wasting time. But it turns to be my main excercise any time I have some “free time”.

I’ve started my day with browsing friend’s posts in facebook. I’ve finished my day with browsing instagram posts. During dinner, while waiting anything… Really destructive. Continue reading